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New Industrial Containers

We delivery high Quality sustainable packaging solutions. We carry a wide variety of new industrial containers.


Reduce your container costs and reduce your carbon footprint with our reconditioned IBC Totes, Plastic/HDPE  and Steel Drums.


Cost effective and environmentally safe recycling solutions for your industrial container’s plastic or steel.


Save money and the environment when you partner with Enviro Containers, we collect your used IBC totes and Steel and Plastic HDPE Drums.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

With Us Being Greener, Cleaner is Easy.

We help industrial and agricultural businesses be more environmentally friendly by providing recycling options.  Our customers can rest assured that everything is handled properly; we take recycling seriously.

We offer complete container reconditioning and environmentally friendly disposal, diverting waste from the landfill with our reduce, reuse and recycle philosophy.

Get Clean Containers

Cost effective, efficient solutions

  • Reconditioned Containers
  • New Containers
  • IBC’s, Steel Drums, Poly Drums
  • Quick Fulfilment
  • Food-grade also available

 Save money and reduce your environmental impact.

Industries We Serve

We serve oilfield, chemical distributor, industrial and agricultural businesses. Here is what our customers have to say about our services:

cleaning plastic drums

Environmental Impact

Each year we’re helping the planet by:


Metric Tons of CO2 Saved


Hazardous Waste Collected

Metric Tons of HDPE Plastic Diverted

Metric Tons of Steel Recycled

Close the Packaging Lifecycle Loop

Does your company have IBC’s, steel or poly drums just taking up space in the yard?

Call Enviro Containers today. Our company will arrange quick and easy pick up right from your facility. Enviro Containers provides our customers with an environmentally safe and secure method for their recycling needs.

We are a federally licensed facility

Enviro Containers is federally licensed to transport, recondition, and dispose of idustrial bulk containers. Enviro Containers has taken initiative to become a recognized environmentally friendly company and leads the way in setting industry standards. We comply with approved and accepted safety and environmental standards, along with stringent procedures to ensure that any harmful residues in the containers are disposed of appropriately to minimize environmental impact.

Partner with Enviro Containers

Contact us, together we can make a cleaner, brighter, and greener tomorrow. 

Whether you have large or small loads of used containers, Enviro Containers is interested in hearing from you.

How Does It Work?

What types of containers do you recycle?

We accept both 1000L and 1200L IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers, also known as totes), steel and poly drums.

Through our reconditioning service, we can help extend the life cycle of IBCs without compromising their quality. The process saves more then 67% of carbon emissions per container and 36 lbs. of plastic.  Reconditioning of the IBCs can give you a truly cost-effective and complementary alternative to new packaging.

How do you clean and recondition containers?

To recondition Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs also known as totes), steel and poly drums, we use hot water shot-blasting to clean any residue and provide sanitation.

The steel drums are then coated with a fresh coat of paint in either black, blue or red.

Poly drums are available in white, blue or black.

All Enviro Containers reconditioning services are safe and approved by Transport Canada Standards.

What does it cost to have my containers picked up?

If your company has IBC’s, steel or poly drums just taking up space in the yard call Enviro Containers today. Our company will arrange quick and easy pick up right from your facility.

For residential or small amounts of containers we encourage individuals to arrange a drop off at our location.

Will you buy or give me credit for my containers?

We have a collection and rebate system for our valued customers. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with our customers and our company’s policy to go above and beyond.  It’s a role we relish with our stated commitment to decrease waste and operate a highly recyclable facility.

Do you accept containers in any condition?

Enviro Containers will accept containers regardless of the condition. Our facility allows us to recondition the appropriate containers and alternatively recycle  and dispose of the steel drums, poly drums, or IBCs that are at the end of their useful life cycle, in an environmentally friendly manner.

The programs we implemented allow our company to take tremendous strides toward becoming greener and ensuring the preservation of the environment.


We service all of Canada

Alberta Reconditioning Facility

5904 50th Avenue, Innisfail, Alberta

Saskatchewan Reconditioning Facility

2361 Industrial Drive, Zehner (Regina) Saskatchewan

Facility, Innisfail

Facility, Regina

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Please fill out the form below so that we can assist you with the collection of your containers. We will work with you to provide the most economical method to cover the expense with recycling your containers, we will set up logistics to get your containers back into use at the least cost. Providing us with the following information allows us to not only best assist you, but also lets us coordinate collections between multiple sites so we can be as environmentally friendly as possible.

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Please note: we will not use your information for any purpose besides getting back in touch with you to discuss the logistics of recycling and recovering your fleet of containers with the understanding that every step we take towards a cleaner world will help us create a healthier environment for our future generations.